Yacht Training – Advanced Cocktails, Mixology & Spirits Module 2

Location: Mallorca

Welcome to our two-day yacht training course. Covering Advanced Cocktails, Mixology & Spirits. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to become a skilled bartender in a yacht setting. Our course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to work in a yacht bar, providing exceptional service to your guests.


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We'll teach you everything you need to know to become a skilled bartender in a yacht setting.

Over the course of two days, you'll learn how to select and use equipment correctly, ensuring that you can confidently and efficiently make any cocktail in a yacht environment.

Focus on practical bartending and understanding flavour

Over the course of two days, you’ll learn how to select and use equipment correctly, ensuring that you can confidently and efficiently make any cocktail in a yacht environment. We’ll also cover correct cocktail making techniques, including shaking, stirring, and building, so that you can create perfectly balanced drinks even on a moving vessel.

Our course includes the creation of sixteen cocktails and variations. You’ll learn how to make classics like the Pina Colada and Mai Tai, as well as modern twists on old favorites.

One of the key focuses of our course is mixology, and you’ll come away with a deep understanding of the concept. You’ll learn how to be creative with ingredients, experimenting with flavors and textures to create unique and exciting cocktails that will impress your guests. We’ll also teach you how to use pre-batch techniques to help you understand how to mix consistent, shelf stable cocktail batches.

Efficiency and speed are crucial in a yacht setting, and we’ll make sure you understand the need for both. Our experienced instructors will teach you techniques to help you work quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing quality or safety.

In addition to the practical skills of mixology, our course covers factual knowledge of Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Whisky, and Cognac, with a focus on how they can be used in a yacht setting. You’ll learn about the history and production of each spirit, as well as their unique flavor profiles and how they can be paired with different mixers and garnishes.

Understanding of the concept of a balanced drink

We’ll teach you how to conduct a tasting, so that you can confidently evaluate different spirits and ingredients and make informed choices. You’ll also gain an understanding of the concept of a balanced drink, learning how to combine different flavors and ingredients to create a harmonious and delicious cocktail.

Join us for two days of fun and informative mixology & spirits training, and take your cocktail making skills to the next level!

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to select and use equipment & cocktail techniques correctly
  • Create sixteen cocktails and variations
  • Learn factual knowledge of cocktail specifications
  • Gain a good factual knowledge of the concept of mixology
  • Understand how to conduct a tasting & the concept of a balanced drink
  • Get creative with ingredients and how to create cocktail menus
  • Understanding and have a good factual knowledge of Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Whisky and Cognac

Course modules

The 2-Day Cocktail Course is divided into 4 modules.

1) Theory

  •  Intro to Equipment, Glassware & Garnishing
  •  Spirits: History, Production & Classification
  •  Cocktail History

2) Practical Bartending

  •  Learn to make Classic Cocktails
  • Bartending Movements & Technique
  • Handling Glassware & Service
  • Working Flair Tricks

3) Mixology

  •  Understanding Balance
  • Flavour Pairing
  • Essential Recipes & Products
  • Designing Craft Cocktails Workshop

4) Tasting

  •  20+ Classic Cocktail Tasting

Classes run on selected weekends and weekdays.

3 Major Benefits

Learn how to make everything from classics to craft cocktails
Get hands on practice mixing drinks behind our practice bar in a real bartender school
Explore the world of mixology and find your flavours

What You’ll Discover

The History of Cocktails

Cocktails have a long and storied history, full of exciting twists and turns. We’ll lead you from the early days, from their early days until the modern day. You’ll pass through the major cocktail eras, exploring their recipes, ingredients, styles and flavours. 

  • What were people drinking before, during and after Prohibition? 
  • What exactly is the ‘cocktail renaissance’? 
  • Where do some of the most famous cocktails come from?


Bartending Essentials Masterclass

Learn the tools of the trade! Bartender training involves all sorts of equipment like jiggers, different types of bar spoons, shakers and strainers, as well as a range of glassware and all sorts of products from spirits to garnishes.

You’ll dive into the essential equipment, as well as some of the more advanced pieces of kit we use to make amazing cocktails. We’ll discuss the major spirit categories, talking about where they’re from, what they are made of and how they’re made. Plus we’ll cover the importance of quality ice, what the purpose of ice is in a cocktail and why certain types and shapes of ice are important.

  • What exactly is a ‘jigger’?
  • What’s the difference between a coupe and a martini glass?
  • What is tequila made from?
  • How is clear block ice made?
How to Mix Drinks

Mixing drinks is the name of the game! You’ll learn the principle techniques you need to make cocktails, from stirring to shaking to rolling, as well as which method is most suitable for different drinks. We’ll show you different ways to shake cocktails and how different types of shakes and shakers affect the cocktail. You’ll practice how to stir a drink properly to get it perfect every time, as well as different mixing techniques that you can use instead of stirring.

You’ll also get an understanding of how to pour, garnish and serve drinks correctly, whilst also learning about the importance of a cocktail’s appearance and how to excite the people you are mixing them for.

  • What’s the difference between shaking and stirring?
  • Why do some cocktails need to be stirred?
  • What makes a garnish ‘great’?
  • What does a perfectly poured cocktail look like?
Tasting the Classics

Tasting sessions – an absolute essential for a cocktail class. This is why we recommend you leave your cars at home for this course! At the end of each day of the course we’ll jump behind the bar to give you a full tasting of the cocktails that we cover on the course.

You’ll get a chance to show off what you’ve learnt and make cocktails for you and your classmates, making and tasting around 20 drinks, from classics to modern day marvels. You’ll see first hand how your technique and precision affects flavour, how balance works in cocktails as well as how to use ice to change the dynamics of a drink. Plus you’ll learn how to taste thoughtfully and recognise flavours.

  • What does a balanced cocktail taste like?
  • What does a whiskey sour taste like when using bourbon versus Irish whiskey?
  • How does using crushed ice versus cubed ice affect the flavour?
The Principles of Mixology

There is a vast difference between using a pre-bottled product and making your own from scratch. This is the basic principle of Mixology, the culinary art that separates an everyday cocktail from the craft cocktail.

In our mixologist training we’ll guide you through how to properly cook and create mixology recipes, with insights into measurements and scaling, how to handle different products and what flavours work well together. You’ll create your own products, such as purees, foams, syrups and cordials and learn how to extract the most flavour out of your ingredients. Then you’ll see how we can use these delicious products in delicious cocktails!

  • What is the difference between a cordial and a syrup?
  • What’s the best way to make a raspberry syrup?
  • What flavours go best with passionfruit?
How to Create Craft Cocktails

Classic cocktails are the foundation of cocktail culture but craft cocktails are where the creativity comes to life. By taking all you learnt from the mixology part of the course, we’ll start making them into craft cocktails, bespoke drinks that allow new and exciting flavours to shine.

We’ll go from twists of the classics, to elevated to twists to signature cocktails. Through this process you’ll begin to understand how to design your own cocktails that express your personality through flavour.

  • What really defines a ‘craft cocktail’?
  • How do I design a cocktail from scratch?
  • Which spirits work best with which flavours?

Our Story

A genuine demand for higher standards in training and education

The Drink In Academy was set up in 2012 to give young and aspiring bartenders the training they need to step behind any bar in the world with confidence. Since then we trained and brought thousands of students to become masters of their craft and brought knowledge to thousands of lovers of beverage.

We look forward to continue the journey with thousands of students to come at Drink In Academy in Dublin and Mallorca. We look forward to welcome you to our family and the journey of flavour.

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