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Drink In’s five-day Mixology and Craft Cocktails course in Mallorca, Spain is an advanced course designed for people working in the hospitality industry, as well as cocktail enthusiasts. The course combines our unique spirits programme with the Drink In approach to cutting edge mixology to bring you on the ultimate cocktail journey.

On completion of our mixology course in Mallorca, you will be able to understand your palate and create an impressive portfolio of show-stopping drinks. You’ll be able to use mixology techniques like micro distilling, infusions, maceration and sous-vide, and gain the skills to create your own cocktail menus and even enter cocktail competitions.

Deposit: €300

Course: €1249

Course, including accommodation: €1499

  • 7 days of accommodation - Enjoy your free weekend to explore the island! Accommodation is on a shared basis, get in contact for special requests.

    • Final payment required 1 week prior to start
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Embark on a journey of flavour in a slice of paradise!

Explore the art of mixology and craft cocktails and discover a whole new world of exciting tastes, flavour combinations, techniques and recipes on our advanced mixologist course.


Mixology & Craft Cocktails is an intensive 5 day course designed for people working in the industry and drink enthusiasts.

This course combines our unique spirits programme with the Drink In approach to cutting edge mixology and inspiring the bartenders of tomorrow. Understanding the characteristics and history of quality spirits will allow you to design and create outstanding craft cocktails. You’ll also learn to use techniques like: Micro Distilling, Infusions, Maceration and Sous-Vide, so you too can recreate your own versions of these spirits and liqueurs.

This course is designed to make sure every student understands and appreciates their own palate and knows how to best create show-stopping drinks. You will gain the skills to start creating menus, enter cocktail competitions and work with the finest spirits available. 

Our Mallorca Academy is a purpose built bartender training facility. There are fully fitted cooking stations for product design and a fully stocked bar for drink creation.

Course includes

The Drink In Craft Cocktail Methodology:

  • Advanced Mixology
  • Designing and Crafting Cocktails
  • Advanced Preparation Techniques, micro distilling sous vide, flash infusion
  • Menu Design
  • Palate Training
  • Understanding Balance
  • Syrups, oleos, shrubs, tincture, foams, liqueurs, infusions etc

3 Major Benefits

Get a massive portfolio of product and cocktail recipes for you to take home with you
Explore the secrets of the science of mixology and the art of craft cocktail design
Train and understand your own palate and express yourself through flavour

What You’ll Learn

Understanding Flavour

Find Your Flavours

Flavour is a personal thing. To create the best cocktails you need to find your own flavours and learn to express yourself through them. The course is full of tasting opportunities for you to discover taste profiles, flavour combinations and textures that you haven’t experienced before and begin opening your mind to the world of possibilities within mixology. 

By the end of the mixology course you will have greater insight into the flavours that make you tick and that you’re best suited to experiment and work with.

Components of Flavour

The ‘taste’ is just the beginning of what flavour really is. From the sight, sound, mouthfeel, aroma and even the emotion it provokes, you’ll learn to break down exactly what makes a flavour work and begin to truly understand it. Understanding balance is one of the most important elements of cocktail creations. 

The course is filled with opportunities to analyse and distinguish the difference between flavours to better understand how to use them in amazing cocktails.

Understand Your Palate

The key to success in mixologist training is understanding your own palate. The reason flavour is such a personal experience is because no two people taste things in the same way. By learning exactly what sort of palate you have will naturally lead you to finding your personal groove and importantly where you can train it to be more receptive or open. 

You’ll regularly train your palate with blind tastings, flavour experiments and taste tests throughout the course to expand the horizons of what your palate can appreciate and what exciting combinations you can come up with.

The World of Spirits

To create outstanding cocktails, understanding the spirits that we use to make them is essential. You’ll dive into the world of spirits, covering everything from where the global styles of spirit come from, how they’re made and what they’re made from, their unique flavour profiles and what flavours tend to work well with them. We’ll look at ‘soft liquors’, flavoured spirits and liqueurs and hard and high proof spirits. 

By gaining knowledge of spirits on our cocktail course you gain better control and use of them in the craft cocktails that you will be designing.

Mastering The Techniques

From Garden to Glass

One of the most important philosophies in contemporary cocktail design is using naturally sourced ingredients to create mixology products and cocktails. This philosophy makes up a big part of what you’ll do in this course. 

We will regularly head down to the bustling markets in Palma and explore all the incredible tastes and aromas that are on offer to find the ingredients that we want to work with back in the Academy. This also means that each course is unique as the range of ingredients will change with the seasons.

The Science of Extracting Flavour

To isolate and accentuate the flavours of all the various ingredients that you’ll be experimenting with in the course, you need to learn the best methods of extracting them. You’ll get a deep look into all the different techniques that we can use to capture different flavours, not only for different ingredients, but also how these different techniques can give us different flavours from the same ingredient. 

From micro-distillations to sous-vide to flash infusions you’ll work with all sorts of equipment and techniques that top mixologists use to get the very best out of their ingredients.

Molecular Mixology

Molecular mixology takes the scientific elements of mixology one step further. We’ll explore the cutting edge of mixology and craft cocktails by experimenting with the techniques and cocktail production methods like: clarification, spherification, inverted cocktails, deconstructed cocktails, flavour clouds and much more.

This is where the magic of mixology really shines. By combining wonderful flavours with showstopping cocktail aesthetics, you’ll be making craft cocktails that can go head to head with drinks in top bars around the world.

Sustainability in Cocktail Production

Waste-free cocktail production is one of the most important trends in contemporary cocktail culture. Waste is a big issue in bars and cocktail making, so learning about sustainable techniques is crucial. 

You’ll learn loads of different methods to cut down on waste from your production and get the most out of every single ingredient by using every part of it in your products and cocktails.

Exploring The Craft

Create Your Own Drinks

What would a Mixology & Craft Cocktails course be without diving headfirst into drinks creation? You’ll learn every single step of creating advanced, eye-catching and outstanding drinks. No matter if it’s for your bar, your personal portfolio or simply your passion, you’ll gain the techniques, knowledge and inspiration to take your cocktail creativity to a whole new level. 

Our Mallorca Academy is purpose built for you to do just that. We have a cocktail kitchen for whipping up mixology products, a fully-stocked drinks lab to test your cocktail creations and a demo bar for our instructors to show off their skills and share their secrets. 

Focusing on the Drink In Craft Cocktail Methodology, we’ll be making products like: syrups, sherbets, shrubs, tinctures, foams, liqueurs, infusions and much more, before using them during cocktail training in exciting craft cocktails.

Mastering Bitters and Tinctures

Bitters and tinctures are the seasoning of the cocktail creation process. Creating your own is one of the more difficult processes to master, so you’ll explore in detail all the various botanicals and bittering agents that can be used, as well as finding the right ratios, flavour balances and potencies that go into making these invaluable products. 

By the end of the course you will have created a variety of different bitters and tinctures that have your signature flavours and will allow you to add a personal and one of a kind touch to any craft cocktail that you use them in.

Food Pairings

Food and drink have always gone hand in hand. Learning which food can compliment your cocktails will give your creations a whole new dimension of experience to offer. You’ll learn all about different food pairings for different spirits and cocktails, tasting a variety of different combinations and finding out which ones work best. 

This part of the course will also open your mind to how you can start pairing different food with drinks that you design as well as edible garnishes that will complement or improve the experience of the cocktails you make.

Bring Your Creativity Home

Almost everything you’ll learn on this mixology course can be replicated, adapted and improved on easily when you get home. The aim of this course is to give you the power to create amazing flavours wherever you are in the world. 

Plus you won’t be leaving just your creations in Mallorca when the course is over! Together we’ll be creating all sorts of products that you can bottle up and bring home in your suitcase, from homemade vermouths to weird and wonderful syrups and tinctures.

Our Story

A genuine demand for higher standards in training and education

The Drink In Academy was set up in 2012 to give young and aspiring bartenders the training they need to step behind any bar in the world with confidence. Since then we trained and brought thousands of students to become masters of their craft and brought knowledge to thousands of lovers of beverage.

We look forward to continue the journey with thousands of students to come at Drink In Academy in Dublin and Mallorca. We look forward to welcome you to our family and the journey of flavour.

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