Drink In Mallorca: Cocktail Kitchen Retreat

Drink In Retreats are a week-long bespoke cocktail crafting experience for hospitality professionals and drinks enthusiasts that want to elevate their passion, creativity and skill to the next level


    Accommodation is on a shared basis, get in contact for special requests.

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The Cocktail Kitchen experience is focused on crafting fresh, homemade products and local ingredients that will change the way you approach your cocktails forever.

After the course you’ll have a true understanding of the frameworks that underlie mastering drinks creation, insight into your specific palate type and a whole repertoire of foundational recipes and techniques to base your creativity and craft on.

All of this in one of the most idyllic locations to begin this journey of discovery.

Find your personal flavours surrounded by like minded individuals who also want to learn the art of cocktail creation while soaking in the sun and sampling the local produce for even more inspiration.

Plus you’ll receive insider insights into Mallorca and it’s provinces, with behind the scenes access and information to the best spots the island has to offer, from it’s food and drink scene to it’s stunning vistas and experiences.

The Mallorca Academy is purpose-built to host our Retreats, fully furnished with all the amenities you need to assist your creativity in reaching all new heights. There is a fully kitted out kitchen designed with mixology in mind, a fully stocked bartending lab for testing your creations and a live bar to sample the classics and Drink In twists.

We also offer to host you in our gorgeous villa, nestled just in the outskirts of Palma. There you can relax after your time spent learning and exploring, with sun soaked terraces, a pool, and the beach just a stone’s throw away.

The Drink In Retreat is one of a kind. Join us and change the way you appreciate flavour forever.

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