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Our Become a Bartender course in Dublin, Ireland will give you all the skills you need to become a great bartender in just two weeks! From tools to tills, pouring pints to changing kegs, cocktails to spirits, our up-to-date course will get you ready to nail your first trial shift and hit the ground running when you start your first bartending job.

During our intensive course, you’ll gain bartending knowledge that can take months or years to learn on the job. You’ll learn the principles of mixology, how to make the classics and elevate them with unique twists, and how to design and create your own craft cocktails.

Thanks to our purpose-built practice bar, you’ll have the confidence and experience to integrate quickly and seamlessly into any bar’s team and flow. With our references and recommendations, we’ll also help you find a job easily after the course.

Deposit: €300

Course: €750

    • Final payment of €450 required 1 week prior to start
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There’s never been a better time to get into bartending and build a career in the hospitality industry!

You’ll get the equivalent of months of real-life experience in just a few weeks with an intensive and authentic bartender course

2-week introduction to bartending

This 2-week introduction to bartending course is designed to give you all the skills you need to work successfully in a bar and integrate quickly and effectively into your bar’s team and flow. From tools to tills, pouring beer to changing kegs, cocktails to spirits. We have created the most relevant curriculum to help start your career in the hospitality industry.

The 2-Week course includes:

  • Tools and Equipment
  • Glassware & Glass Handling
  • Tills & Cash/Card handling
  • Tray Handling Skills
  • Customer Service Principles
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • Shift Preparation
  • Stock Handling
  • Introduction to Beer
  • Draught Beer & Cellar Management
  • Introduction to Wine
  • Barista Training
  • Classic Cocktails
  • Mixology
  • Light Spirits Overview
  • Aged Spirits Overview
  • Tastings

With over a decade of drinks education experience behind us, our Dublin Academy is a  great place to learn the foundations of bartending.

Cost €749 – We take a €300 deposit to confirm your space. Final payment will need to be paid in full 1 week prior to the course start.

The Art of Craft Cocktails

Classic cocktails are the foundation of cocktail culture but craft cocktails are where the creativity comes to life. By taking all you learnt from the mixology part of the course, we’ll start making them into craft cocktails, bespoke drinks that allow new and exciting flavours to shine. 

We’ll go from twists of the classics, to elevated to twists to signature cocktails. Through this process you’ll begin to understand how to design your own cocktails that express your personality through flavour.

3 Benefits

Get real practice and the experience you need to smash your first trial shift behind the bar
Gain knowledge that can take months or years to learn through experience
Find a job easily with our recommendations and references after the course

What you’ll learn

The Theory of Bartending

The Bartender’s Role and Responsibilities

The Bartender is so much more than someone who makes drinks. They are an artist, a friend, an actor, a chef, an entertainer and much more. We’ll guide you through what it takes to become a great bartender, from personal presentation to teamwork, behaviour to attitude. You’ll also learn how to handle difficult situations and serve responsibly to make sure everything runs smoothly in your bar.

The Bartender’s Equipment

Bartender’s need to know how to handle all sorts of tools, equipment and glassware with finesse. You’ll be introduced to the wealth of different tools of the trade and learn to use each one properly behind the bar. We’ll also cover knife technique, handling glassware properly and the importance of cleaning and hygiene. 

Plus you’ll get to practice with all the important equipment and begin to master using them, with sessions on things like free pour practice and jigger techniques, so you can show off your skills when you get behind a working bar.

The Theory of Spirits

Ever wondered what exactly the difference is between Scotch and Irish whiskey? Wonder no more! We’ll cover every major spirit in great depth on the course, with insights into their long and fascinating histories, how and what they’re made from and all the different styles that you can find across the world. A great bartender has a good knowledge of everything they serve in their bars and so these spirit masterclasses are an essential part of the course.

Every masterclass is accompanied by a spirit tasting where you will not only learn what each spirit and style tastes like, but also how to taste spirits and identify the flavours within, to train and improve your palate.

Wine Knowledge

You can’t rely on your sommelier to know about the wines in your bar, you have to have a good grasp on them as well. Our sommeliers will guide you through the weird and wonderful world of wine, from the important regions, grapes and styles of both New and Old World, so that you are comfortable with describing and upselling the wines you serve. 

You’ll also get a foundation of knowledge that will allow you to start exploring wine yourself and tasting techniques so that you can begin to train your palate to the nuances within the different grapes, vintages and regions.

The Principles of Mixology

There is a vast difference between using a pre-bottled product and making your own from scratch. This is the basic principle of Mixology, the culinary art that separates an everyday cocktail from the craft cocktail. 

In our mixologist training we’ll guide you through how to properly cook and create mixology recipes, with insights into measurements and scaling, how to handle different products and what flavours work well together. You’ll create your own products, such as purees, foams, syrups and cordials and learn how to extract the most flavour out of your ingredients. Then you’ll see how we can use these delicious products in delicious cocktails!

The Practice of Bartending

How to Mix Drinks

Learn to mix drinks like a true professional. You’ll have a great amount of time behind our practice bar mastering the classic techniques like shaking and stirring, as well as more advanced techniques like rolling and double shaking. You’ll also learn which techniques suit which types of drinks and how different styles of shaking and stirring can affect the quality and taste of drinks.

Practice expertly pouring, garnishing and serving drinks, as well as learning how the appearance of the drinks you serve is so important to the customer experience, how garnishes can affect look, flavour and aroma of drinks.

Classic Cocktails

They’re called the Classics for a reason! Learning the cocktails that make up the foundation of cocktail culture is essential for anyone that wants to join the ranks of modern bartenders. You’ll learn many of the ‘principle’ cocktails, the drinks that a majority of modern cocktails are based on. This will allow you to always respond well to customers looking for the classic drinks, as well as give you the base knowledge to begin to expand your repertoire of not only classics, but modern and craft cocktails. 

Understanding not just how to make the classics but where they came from and the stories behind them is one of the best things a new bartender can do to get ahead in the world of cocktails.

Barista Essentials

You can’t become a well rounded bartender without barista skills! With our expert barista instructors, you’ll explore the world of coffee from bean to cup, learning all about coffee theory and the different methods of production, as well as practising on our three authentic Italian espresso machines. 

You’ll practice pouring the perfect espresso, as well as milk foaming and latte art so that you can be reliable not only for the evening bar service, but the morning and afternoon coffee services as well!

Pouring the Perfect Pint

What’s the point of knowing loads about cocktails in Ireland if you can’t pour the perfect pint? Beer handling is absolutely crucial for any new bartender to learn. That’s you’ll learn all about every step of the beer process, from how it’s made to pouring practice. 

We make sure you know how to change a keg like a professional, understand how to maintain your beer lines and taps, as well as manage your beer cellar and gas containers. Plus our practice bar has practice beer taps so you can work pouring pints into your cocktail orders to get an authentic idea of how service will run when you’re working in the real thing.

Till Handling

One of the most daunting things to new bartenders… the tills! We have a fully operating till and Point of Service system in the practice bar for you to get comfortable with handling orders professionally and realistically, following dockets and keeping track of everything you’re serving behind the bar.

By getting practice using a till and POS system before you jump behind a real bar can save you so much time and stress while you’re working, which will make you a more attractive hire for the bars you want to work in.

The Art of Craft Cocktails

Classic cocktails are the foundation of cocktail culture but craft cocktails are where the creativity comes to life. By taking all you learnt from the mixology part of the course, we’ll start making them into craft cocktails, bespoke drinks that allow new and exciting flavours to shine. 

We’ll go from twists of the classics, to elevated to twists to signature cocktails. Through this process you’ll begin to understand how to design your own cocktails that express your personality through flavour.

The Open and the Close

Being prepared and closing effectively are two skills that every bartender needs to have as muscle memory to be a reliable part of the team. You’ll work through how to open and prepare your bar for service so that you’re never behind or caught off guard by the shift, as well as learning effective closing procedures and how to clean properly and reset your bars for the next day. 

By getting into the good habits of opening and closing efficiently, you’ll be a valuable member of the team in whatever bar you end up in after the course.

Our Story

A genuine demand for higher standards in training and education

The Drink In Academy was set up in 2012 to give young and aspiring bartenders the training they need to step behind any bar in the world with confidence. Since then we trained and brought thousands of students to become masters of their craft and brought knowledge to thousands of lovers of beverage.

We look forward to continue the journey with thousands of students to come at Drink In Academy in Dublin and Mallorca. We look forward to welcome you to our family and the journey of flavour.

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