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A genuine demand for higher standards in training and education

The Drink In Academy was set up in 2012 to give young and aspiring bartenders the training they need to step behind any bar in the world with confidence.

Richard Linden

Leaving his native Sweden, Richard has travelled the world in pursuit of bar and hospitality expertise. From the UK, where he spent five years in the Chewton Glen five star resort that is consistently voted in the top hotels in the world, to Thailand where he worked as the Head Instructor at the European Bartender School. On these shores, Richard trained for three years under our celebrity hotelier Francis Brennan at The Park Hotel Kenmare, as well as being restaurant and bar manager at the Michelin Star Cliff House Hotel.

Ronan Rogerson

When he is not serving up tequila wisdom, Ronan can be found in Drury Building, a popular Dublin haunt that he owns and runs. In his past life Ronan set up the market leading events company All Bar None Events, worked as a Brand Ambassador for Patron Tequila, was the on-­trade trainer for Brinkman Beverages and was bar manager at The Morgan Hotel, one of the first internationally awarded cocktail bars in Ireland.


Fabio, originally from Italy, has spent almost a decade working in top tier cocktail bars in Dublin, Madrid and Rome, curating a great knowledge of the hospitality industry.

Prior to joining the team to establish Drink In, he worked as a professional filmmaker in Italy while finishing his studies in digital business development. He has been instrumental in creating the online platform Drink In.

When the dastardly COVID struck he refocused our efforts online which kept us alive. As the project manager, his goal is to keep “Drink In” at the forefront of drink education.


Calum is a familiar and much loved face in the Dublin Bar Scene. A former student and head instructor of ours, he went on to become a successful bartender and Brand Ambassador for Lambay Whiskey, Tito’s vodka and Montelobos mezcal.

Calum is passionate about all things food and drink related. Not only is he an amazing cook but he also has one of the best palates we have ever come across.
He has created menus for numerous bars and brands, including Jameson. He loves nothing more than spending a day in our cocktail kitchen concocting and conceiving new drinks.


Cam is the most recent addition to the team at Dublin Bar Academy and Drink In. He is our communications manager, making sure we stay in touch with all of our customers, clients and industry connections.

Prior to joining DBA he was the head bartender at the Residence, Dublin after many years in the top bars in his home city of Oxford. He’s also been a senior instructor on our cocktail courses pre-pandemic.

His passion is writing all about drinks and spirits, teaching the history of alcohol and connecting Drink In and DBA with the drinks communities on Youtube and Instagram.



In cities renowned for their bars,
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